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The 1st International Conference for Multi-Area Simulation - ICMASim 2019 will take place in Angers - France, from 8th to 10th October 2019. The conference is initiated by All’Sims – Medical Simulation Health Centre of Angers, and led by the University of Angers, the University Hospital of Angers, and Destination Angers. It is jointly organised with Angers Loire Développement (ALDEV), Items International and We Network. Nowadays, simulation cannot be ignored as it improves knowledge and develops technical and behavioural skills in a secured environment which reproduces real situations and backgrounds thanks to dedicated equipment.

ICMASim 2019 will, for the first time, gather international experts of simulation: scientists, representatives of academia, companies, industries and training centres.



The objective is to discuss the practices, the methods, the questions and the solutions. Outside lectures, ICMASim 2019 will offer practical demonstrations and learning expeditions. The philosophy of the conference is also initial training and continuous professional development.

This novel multi-area positioning will allow an exploration of the various applications of Simulation: medicine, sciences, transports (aeronautics, automotive industry, guided transport, maritime, industrial and military), space, nuclear industry, finances and sports.

The various aspects of simulation, whether synthetic, intensive, digital, or hybrid, will be presented together with the necessary tools such as dummies, image walls, virtual reality, super-calculators or other simulation software.

ICMASim 2019 will be an opportunity for innovation by developing new international research and qualification projects.

Simulation and transport

Simulation and e-health

Simulation and extreme environments

Simulation and Product conception

Simulation and industry 4.0

Tools for simulation: supercomputers, virtual technologies, artificial intelligence, applications, visualization

Education and training with simulation: evaluation, learning, pedagogy to develop technical and/or non-technical skills (human factor)

Simulation and risk prevention

Simulation and cyber security

Simulation for crisis management

Ethics in simulation

The economic factor of simulation

Interconnection of simulations



Before ICMASim 2019, Angers will once again be at the core of the digital world as the city will organise the Global Forum/Shaping the Future on 7th and 8th October 2019. Considered as the “Davos for ICT”, this international think-tank for innovation and creativity will review the key questions around digitisation. It will be making its comeback to France, 12 years after the Paris meeting.

Far from being a simple conference, the Global Forum is a platform for exchange for more than 250 stakeholders from more than thirty countries. The focus is very much on the confrontation of the ideas and visions of international experts, influencers, managers and policy-makers from both private and public sectors.


ICMASim 2019 gathers experts that actively innovate in all sectors linked to Simulation. They all bring their competencies and know-how in their specific fields.


You want to promote your activity? Expand your network with professionals and experts over different sectors related to Simulation? Consolidate your brand image and demonstrate your know-how ? Become sponsor of the 1st International Conference for Multi-Area Simulation – ICMASim 2019.


The philosophy of ICMASim is also initial training and continuous professional development.
A certificate of attendance can be delivered upon request. The Minutes will gather all the scientific contributions in order to disseminate the result of this Conference.

If you are interested in decompartmentalised simulation and if you want to benefit from new gateways, you should attend ICMASim!

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